Thursday, September 23, 2010

A few Photos that are currently available in my New Etsy Shop!

I really like this one! I took this one about a week ago.
 Textured Gothic Birds on a Power Line

I went out to Antelope Island about a month ago for a family photo shoot and saw this cute little shack and couldn't resist.
Hazy Country Rural Shack

Took this one back in Spring. I am lucky enough to have a tree in my front yard that blooms beautifully!
Soft White Flowers on a Branch


  1. I love the dark mood these pictures have.. Bravo on the photos!

    Check out my blog @ and follow me! Its an indepth look at gem cutting and inlay lapidary. But seriously, I love the graininess in the photos

  2. wow, your pictures are stunning, great eye you have....have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*